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Instructors:  Samantha Humphrey & Kacey

Job Search Tools


Links & Resources for Letteheads, Custom Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Searching






Document Examples


Resume Example            Letterhead Example 


                        Cover Letter Example


                                                    Practice Cover Letter Example

Document Templates

Personal Information Sheet:  Be sure to complete the information and SAVE the file (or copy and paste it) in your Office 365.

Letterhead Resume Template



Tools for finding a job

The How-to on creating a CUSTOM RESUME

Step by Step on creating a Custom Resume

Cover Letters

Job Applications  

Online Applications



Tips for E-Applications

Anderson Zurmuehlen Resume Guide



Interview Skills


Video #1  - Top Five Interview Tips

Video #2 -  Top Five Telephone Interview Tips

Video #3 -  How to Prepare for an Interview

Video #4 -  Top Five Skype Interviews

Video #5 -  Top Ten Interview Questions and Answers

Video #6 -   How to Answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

Video #7 -   Prepare for the Interview

Video #8 -   Dealing with Illegal Questions

Video #9 -   How to End the Interview

Video #10 - Body Language that gets the JOB




Article #1 - 5 Interview Tips

Article #2 - Boost Your Interview Skills


1.  Click on Steps to follow: From Job Announcement to Customized resume

2.  With the class, review the process of highlighting key words. 

3.  Complete the table in the practice exercise as it relates to you.

4.  Save the Steps to Follow and have me come look at what you have completed.


1.  Open up the Table from the Keyword assignment and Open up you letterhead.

2.  Insert a table that lists the skills you have that correspond to the key words.

3.  Create the rest of the CUSTOM RESUME highlighting the skills specific to the job you are applying for.

4.  Save the resume as first initial.last name.resume and EMAIL the custom resume to me.


Practice Cover Letter ASSIGNMENT

1. Open you letterhead

2.  Look up Steve's Cafe's address on the internet for the inside address

3.  With the class, type a cover letter to Steve Vincelli at Steve's Cafe.

2.  Save the letter and EMAIL it to me.




Resume and Cover letter Assignment


Interview Brochure Project

You are going to use Word to create a 3 panel brochure about interviews and interviewing.


Required Topics

Title of Brochures


Your Name

  • Each topic above is hyperlinked to 2 different websites that will help you.  Be sure to click on them.  There are 2 reference sites per topic (One in red and one in blue)

  • You are welcome to use your notes or the videos and articles listed to the left to create this brochure.

  • Be sure to create a works cited list (it can be on a separate sheet of paper).

  • You are always free to use other websites as well.  

  • As always-you are expected to submit a detailed and thorough job - something you would be proud to show to others.  And....your work should be original.

  • Use color and pictures to make your brochure interesting.

  • Be sure to proofread and correct spelling or grammar errors.


DUE: Friday December 18!!


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