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The main objective of Jobs for Montana’s Graduates (JMG) is for students to graduate and ultimately secure a quality job that aligns with their goals and dreams and meets the needs of our communities, while paying a livable wage. While  post-secondary education is important especially in terms of its connection to meaningful, high paying career, JMG's primary focus is to prepare students to enter the workforce prepared; to be Career and College Ready!
JMG believes the best way to achieve this objective is to have students graduate with their high school diploma and to improve their rate of success by acquiring employability competencies before leaving high school. 
JMG currently serves approximately 1000 students in 49 schools throughout Montana.  Helena HIgh has offered this program for many years and have seen enviable success from our graduates.   JMG is affiliated with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), a national school-to-work program and boasts the following outcomes for the 2021 school year:

96% - Graduation Rate
65% - Graduating seniors employed
83% - of those employed were employed Full Time
78% - Left with positive outcomes and removal of personal barriers to success
47% - Went on to higher education

This year Helena High's Student Council will be learning some of the same leadership, project management and team collaboration and workplace readiness, along with our JMG students!'re GPA matters!

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Code:  FHF-51860

All links needed in class can be found in the Class OneNote Notebook.

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