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Insurance Links:


World of Insurance - Read the Personal Insurance/Watch Videos/Play games


Hartford Insurance


American Family Insurance


Insurance Notes




Affordability Care Act Review





Links for Credit Discussions


Credit Tips              Bankrate


Credit Card Article 1       Dos and Don'ts


More Credit Links  Choosing a Credit Card


Credit Karma

Math and Percentages Practice

Percentages 1

Percentages 2

+ Worksheet

Math Skills - 2 worksheets



A Place of Your Own Unit

Step 1:  Complete the Everfi Activity

Step 2:  Find your Dream home and create a powerpoint that I can share with the class. 

    How to do this: 

       a.  Google Real Estate + (city you think you might want to live in)

       b.  Remember money is no object so find a place you LOVE.

       c.  Get picture of the place you are interested; the cost; and location and why you love it and put it on the powerpoint.

       d.  DON'T SEND IT YET!!

Step 3:  Find a place to rent.  Most of the time you won't find pictures but you might.  Where to look? or the local newspaper.

       a.  Put the information about the place you are going to rent - location, number of rooms/bathrooms, monthly rent, pictures if you can get some - on your powerpoint.

        b.  Send the powerpoint to me.


DUE:  Thursday at the end of class!!!!  




Brochure Assignment:

  • You are to create a tri-fold brochure in Word.  The inside panels will address the Best and Worst home renovations for your money.

  • The outside panels will have a title panel and the final two panels will have a schedule of annual home maintenance.

  • The brochure should be colorful, proofread, balanced and something you would be proud of.

Renovation websites:

#1         #2         #3     #4        #5        #6


Home Maintenance websites:


A        B      C



Tenant Landlord Questions


Roommate Activity - Complete this activity in groups of 4 and be prepared to discuss your answers with the class.


Roommate Contract 1


Roommate Contract #2


Make your own Contract

Parameters:  3 roommates

1 Year Lease - $975

Security Deposit - $750

3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

No Pets

Pay electric and internet

Be sure to address:

Rent     Parties    Internet

Electric    Routine Cleaning

Overnight Guests    Pets


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