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At the conclusion of this unit, students will:

a.  Understand different employment pay structures; 

b.  Explain the value of employee benefits;

c.  Calculate hourly pay; overtime hours & pay; gross and net pay;

d.  Determine outcomes for various withholding scenarios;

e.  Experience filing federal and state taxes. 



National Business Education Standards:

I. Personal Decision Making
Achievement Standard: Use a rational decision-making process as it applies to the roles of citizens, workers, and consumers.

II. Earning and Reporting Income

Achievement Standard: Identify various forms of income and analyze factors that affect income as a part of the career.


ISTE Standards:

¨ Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

¨ Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.


Common Core Career Readiness:

4. Communicate clearly, effectively and with reason.

Career-ready individuals communicate thoughts, ideas and action plans with clarity, whether using written, verbal and/or visual methods. They communicate in the workplace with clarity and purpose to make maximum use of their own and others’ time. They are excellent writers; they master conventions, word choice and organization and use effective tone and presentation skills to articulate ideas. They are skilled at interacting with others; they are active listeners and speak clearly

and with purpose. Career-ready individuals think about the audience for their communication and prepare accordingly to ensure the desired outcome.


5. Consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of decisions.

Career-ready individuals understand the interrelated nature of their actions and regularly make decisions that positively impact and/or mitigate negative impact on other people, organizations and the environment. They are aware of and utilize new technologies, understandings, procedures, materials and regulations affecting the nature of their work as it relates to the impact on the social condition, the environment and profitability of the organization


11. Use technology to enhance productivity.

Career-ready individuals find and maximize the productive value of existing and new technology to accomplish workplace tasks and solve workplace problems. They are flexible and adaptive in acquiring and using new technology. They are proficient with ubiquitous technology applications. They understand the inherent risks -- personal and organizational – of technology applications, and they take actions to prevent or mitigate these risks.

Study Guide

  • Know the different employment and tax filing forms

  • Know how to file taxes

  • Understand different types of benefits

  • Be able to calculate wages

  • Know number of weeks in a pay period and be able to calculate

  • Know information on worksheets



Pay Calculations Worksheet

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