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User Manual Assignment

Your assignment is to write a user manual about YOU!!  Just like a manual that informs a person how to use the microwave or maintain your car, I want you to tell me what works for you!!

Here are some guiding question:

  • What are some honest, unfiltered things about you?

  • What drives you nuts?

  • What are your quirks?

  • What do you prefer people call you?

  • How can people earn an extra gold star with you?

  • What qualities do you particularly value in people who work with you?

  • What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?

  • What is your learning style?

  • What motivates you?

  • Do you prefer group work or individual work and why?

The second set are focused on how you work  with others in a group setting:

  • How do you coach people to do their best work and develop their talents?

  • What’s the best way to communicate with you?

  • What’s the best way to convince you to do something?

  • How do you like to give feedback?

  • How do you like to get feedback?

  • Would you prefer to get together with people to work together or would you rather get an outline of what you are supposed to do and then work on your own.


  • Type this assignment using Word.

  • Be sure your name, class and period I have you are at the top of the page as this will be printed out. 

  • Double space your paper.

  • It must be a least one full page using 12 point font - please no more than two pages.

  • Double check spelling and grammar.

  • Be sure to use complete sentences!

  • Put a page number in the footer (even if it is only one page).

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