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Semester 2 Final

1.  Your final is to complete the New Career Project in Knowledge Matters.

2.  To obtain 100%, you must increase your net worth to $250,000. 

3.  To be successful, you must:

  • 1st find an apartment (hint they are all the same, but you want one close to where you may work)

  • 2nd find a bank and deposit all your cash

  • 3rd find a job but note how much careers pay because you will have to go to school to get a career so you need to think if you are going to work night and weekends and do school during the day or work all day and go to school on the weekends.

  • 4th Buy groceries and bus tokens

  • 5th Enroll in school

  • 6th Set up your schedule (remember you have to eat 2x daily and you need time to get to work and you need relaxation, sleep and exercise)

  • 7th Get some furniture/bed/exercise equipment unless you walk to work

  • 8th  Get insurance

  • Run the Sim but watch your bus tokens and food so you don't run out.  Watch your messages in case you are late for work or school so you can adjust your schedule. 

  • Watch for bills showing up on your desk and pay them by check as they come in.

  • Eventually you want to get a credit card and invest money to reach you goal of $250,000.

  • You will have to file taxes by April 15th of each year.

  • If you die - don't panic - you can start again.

  • Apply all the information you have learned throughout the year!

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