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Career Planning Semester Final


You are to write a letter to your teacher explaining the career option you have decided to pursue based on the assessments and research you have done in the Career Planning notebook.  You may use the notebook to get data for your letter. 


Here are the requirements:

1.  Must use your personal letterhead


2.  Must have the date of your final


3.  Must use this for your inside address: 

            Samantha Humphrey or Kacey Askin

            Helena High School

            1300 Billings Avenue

            Helena MT  59601


4.  You can use a greeting or not.


5.  Paragraph 1 – Introduction of you and the career you are interested in.


6.  Paragraph 2  – What the MCIS assessments and other assessments told you about yourself and why the career you have selected is a good choice based on those assessments.  If you chose a career that was not recommended by the assessments, explain the career recommendations from the assessments. 

            a.  Be sure to identify the assessment by name and the result or recommendations.

            b.  Remember to write this as an essay or use a table or bullets and preface the table or bullets so that your letter reads like a letter and does not just have a bunch of assessments stuck in the middle of it.



7.  Paragraph 3 – Write the details about the career you are interested in pursuing that you have researched.  This is essentially taking the Commonalities Page and the Career Checklist and writing them up in an essay format.


8.  Paragraph 4 – Write about the post-secondary training you need for this career and where you plan to get that training.


9.  Paragraph 5 – Summarize your letter


10. Close your letter and be sure to have a signature block. 


Save your letter as CPFinal.yourlastname.  Then email the letter to your teacher



Grading –


2 points for each of the 10 required letter element               20


10 points for correct spacing and format                               10


No more than 2 grammar or spelling errors                          5

2-4 errors 3 pts

4-6 errors 2 points

Over 6 – no points


5 points for discussing each of the 8 assessments                40


15 points for discussing the details of your career choice      15


10 points for discussing the details of the post-secondary     10



Total Possible points                                                                  100





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