LOGO Design Powerpoint


1. Entries must be submitted by the given deadline to

the state office prior to the FallLeadership Conference using the registration form.


2. Entries will be judged prior to the conference.


3. Entries must be submitted on 8 1/2” x 11” paper from edge to edge (this is standard letter size).


4.Entries must be two-dimensional, flat surfaced.


5.The entry should focus on a logo/motto that will promote JMG and the MCA and be an appropriate business representation that can be

used on items used at the CareerDevelopment Conference. It should be gender neutral.


6.The motto may only be up to five words long. If “JMG” is used in the motto, it will count as one word.


7. The entry may be the work of the entire chapter oran individual who represents the chapter. Chapters are encouraged to submit a chapt

er-wide entry to encourage participation as a team member.


8.  The following information must be printed on the back of the logo:

Name of chapter


Culbertson High School

City, State

Culbertson, Montana


9.  Chapter/school or student name or initials may not appear anywhere on the front of thelogo/motto since it will be adapted for statewide use. This includes any other type of personal or chapter identification.


10.  Entries will be judged based on the criteria contained in the rating sheet.

Letter/Essay Assignment Guidelines:

Location:  Washington D.C. Date: December 3-5, 2015

Write an essay about:

1.  Why you are in JMG

2.  Your personal history and what you hope to achieve in JMG and how JMG can impact your future

3.  What you would get out of a natioanl leadership conference.

4.  How you plan to use your experiences in JMG, including the National Leadership Conference to contribute to our Chapter's goals now and throughout your life.

Movie (Available on Netflix):  Cyberbully

Suicide Documentary


Assignment: Write a short essay (2-3 paragraphs) about the issues Cyberbullying dealt with.  Answer the questions:

1.  Did Taylor leave herself vulnerable for the bullying?

2.  What should Taylor have done when the attacks started?

3.  How should Samantha have handled her jealously differently?

4.  Why is it more effective to stand up to a bully together than to ignore them?

5.  If you were friends with Taylor and Samantha, what advise would you give them?

6.  Is bullying a problem?

7.  What should or could be done to stop bullying before it causes someone to end their life?


Save this document as Cyberbully essay and send it to me as an attachment.

Questions for "A Girl Like Her"

These questions are listed in your OneNote Class Notebook.  Please answer them there.  Tips on using OneNote, Click Here.

Employer Expectations vs Problems of New Employers Comic Strip

Overview of Assignment

Dilbert Examples

Comic Strip Creators:

Storyboard That