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Instructors:  Samantha Humphrey & Kacey

Links & Resources for Letterheads, Custom Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Searching



1. Create a personal letterhead - upload to your notebook

2.  Create a custom resume (preferred) or template resume for one of the Job Announcements listed below.  Be sure to modify the template to necessary items - Skills 1st, Work History 2nd, Education 3rd

-Upload to your notebook

3.  Create a cover letter to accompany your resume

-upload to your notebook

Interview Skills


Video #1  - Top Five Interview Tips

Video #2 -  Top Five Telephone Interview Tips

Video #3 -  How to Prepare for an Interview

Video #4 -  Top Five Skype Interviews

Video #5 -  Top Ten Interview Questions and Answers

Video #6 -   How to Answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

Video #7 -   Prepare for the Interview

Video #8 -   Dealing with Illegal Questions

Video #9 -   How to End the Interview

Video #10 - Body Language that gets the JOB


Video #11 - Interview Examples

Video #12 -  Interview Fun


Article #1 - 5 Interview Tips

Article #2 - Boost Your Interview Skills

Interview Brochure Project

You are going to use Word to create a 3 panel brochure about interviews and interviewing.


Required Topics

Title of Brochures


Your Name

  • Each topic above is hyperlinked to 2 different websites that will help you.  Be sure to click on them.  There are 2 reference sites per topic (One in red and one in blue)

  • You are welcome to use your notes or the videos and articles listed to the left to create this brochure.

  • Be sure to create a works cited list (it can be on a separate sheet of paper).

  • You are always free to use other websites as well.  

  • As always-you are expected to submit a detailed and thorough job - something you would be proud to show to others.  And....your work should be original.

  • Use color and pictures to make your brochure interesting.

  • Be sure to proofread and correct spelling or grammar errors.



Document Templates or Helpful Forms

   Resume Template                       Cover Letter Template

​​​Document Examples


         Letterhead Example    


           Resume Example


          Cover Letter Example


         Practice Cover Letter Example

Tips for E-Applications

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