The Money Management Course at Helena High School teaches students how to manage their money and focus on maximizing the value and impact of money on their lives.


Topics include:


*The Importance of Credit

*Automobile Ownership

*Home Ownership


*Funding for Education





Materials used in this course are:

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace for Schools.


Google Docs   Microsoft Excel


Various videos and tutorials and internet sites.




Period 5 Class Code : 033114eb

Period 6 Class Code: afc12fa0

Assignment List

Assignments and their due dates are listed below.  THREE Points will be subtracted for each day past the due date until the half credit date.  After that date, the assignment will not be accepted.                     

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Tenant Landlord Questions


Roommate Activity - Complete this activity in groups of 4 and be prepared to discuss your answers with the class.


Roommate Contract 1


Roommate Contract #2


Make your own Contract

Parameters:  3 roommates

1 Year Lease - $975

Security Deposit - $750

3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

No Pets

Pay electric and internet

Be sure to address:

Rent     Parties    Internet

Electric    Routine Cleaning

Overnight Guests    Pets