The main objective of Jobs for Montana’s Graduates (JMG) is for students to graduate and ultimately secure a quality job and/or post-secondary education that leads to a meaningful career.


JMG believes the best way to achieve this objective is to keep students in school through their graduation and to improve their rate of success by acquiring employability competencies before leaving high school. 


The program currently serves approximately 1000 students in 49 schools throughout Montana.  JMG is affiliated with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), a national school-to-work program.

Assignment List

Assignments and their due dates are listed below.  THREE Points will be subtracted for each day past the due date until the half credit date.  After that date, the assignment will not be accepted.                     

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This report is basically a story called "A Day in the Life..." so you tell me about the person you job shadowed with and talk about the answers to the questions you asked. 


This should be typed, double spaced and should be at least 2 pages. 


  • Full Name of person you shadowed; their title, the department (if any); their typical duties

  • Name of Business

  • Education, qualifications or experience for your mentor's job

  • What they like most & least about their job

  • What you observed or found interesting


The rest of the information you gathered can be used in the End of the Semester Project if you would like or it is applicable.


FEDEX Project Resources

MLA Formatting - OWL @ Purdue





Part 1 - Identify, define and describe the problem; history of the problem; Extent of the problem; Why is this a problem? ; Who are the key agencies and organizations researching the problem? Use statistics and data and expert opinion.


Part 2 - Describe what is currently being done about the problem; has it been effective?  Why or why not?  Who are the key agencies and organizations trying to solve the problem? Use statistics and data and expert opinion.


Part 3 - Describe your proposed solution.  Who are the key agencies and/or organizations would need to be involved to solve the problem? What do you think the solution would cost?  How do you think you could get funding or support for your project?  What other solutions did you come up with and why did you reject them? 




Works Cited




Links & Resources for Letteheads, Custom Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Searching



Resume and Cover letter Assignment


Document Templates

Personal Information Sheet:  Be sure to complete the information and SAVE the file (or copy and paste it) in your Office 365.

Letterhead Resume Template


Document Examples

Mrs. H - Key words example

Mrs. H - Resume created from Key Words

Mrs. H - Practice Cover Letter

Resume Example            Letterhead Example




Steps to follow:  From Job Announcement to Customized  Resume



Job Search Resources

GCF Learn Free

Montana Job Service

Montana Government Jobs

Federal Jobs


Westaff and Personnel Plus


YOU TUBE VIDEO for Fancier Letterheads

How to Fill Out A Job Application

Video on References





The How-to on creating a CUSTOM RESUME

Cover Letters

Job Applications  

Online Applications


Tips for E-Applications




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Period 2 - 83ef1683

Do: Savings, Baning, Payment Types, Credit Score, Renting v. Owning & Investing